Saturday, October 23, 2010


Is Infinity Downline A Scam?

Infinity Downline Scam?!?

Warning : You MUST Read This Before You Waste Your Money…

GET REAL FACTS About Infinity Downline

Lets take a look at what the word SCAM really means ,to me it means that you’ve paid a sum of money to somebody and they’ve either offered you a product/solution or service,or worst nevertheless whatever they provided you with is worth next to nothing at all, then once you try to contact them they’ve seem to disapear entirely. The English dictionary says with the word Scam “an illegal plan for producing money”. This truly can’t be said of Infinity Downline, the business along with the plan are definitely not illegal, nor ever started out to be.
I have read lots of blogs and reviews about the Business Opportunities and other programs, as well as the authors of these blogs scream SCAM! SCAM! RIP OFF! Most have neither tried the plan or they’ve tried it , have not put in any real effort and expect to turn out to be WEALTHY overnight. Well I’ve got news for these people, Infinity Downline and all other on the internet programs are a Business and like any other Business Operation you have to place in EFFORT for getting the business enterprise to work and MAKE Cash. Life just isn’t a totally free ride, no-one gets Money for doing absolutely nothing, Invest nothing in and you’ll get absolutely nothing out.
Have you heard that saying “take what you may get”. Yes, Infinity Downline could just get up and leave. Any business enterprise you’re in could do the exact same.

Now we’re having some people saying Infinity Downline is a scam and probably will not pay the $25.00.
Have you even checked out all the services our Infinity Downline members are offering you for only $25.00? The value in the training alone is far worth the $25.
I dont mean to be so blunt but: If you don’t like it, then dont buy it. It’s that easy.

The business opportunity comes with the $25.00 product or service. You will not be required to do the business opporunity if you don’t want to.
But if your like me, and you’d like to get your $25.00 back, then all need to do is share it to One particular individual to make your $25.00 back. Then you’ll be able to stop and get away from everything for totally free.

Every single person has complete control on what they can do. Should you dislike like the training then don’t keep your subscription, its that simple. In case you invest in it and end up not liking it, then you scammed yourself away from $25.00 and not other people. Does that make sense?
In case you still believe the business component is really a scam, then explain to me how we’re scamming folks away from their money when Each and every single person has Complete control in the end if they’ll invest in the product or service for $25.00.
Is this a complete MLM company. In my eyes it just isn’t. I feel it truly is just a tiny portion of a MLM organization. Here is how I see it.

In a total MLM business enterprise you’d like to obtain a best network marketer with lots of contacts to purchase the item from you and do the business plan because you’ll obtain a portion in the commission from all these individuals that best marketer offered the product or service as well.
So lets say I offered this product or service to a person being name “John”. John knows 100 individuals to promote the merchandise itself as well.
How much will I make in Infinty Downline if I offered this product/service to John and he marketed the exact same product or service to 100 persons?
I would make $25.00 for that month from offering the solution to John. Away from those 100 persons John offered the similar solution as well, I would only make a total of $50.00 from his 2nd market $25.00 and his 4th offer $25.00. The 98 other individuals he marketed the merchandise as well for $25.00 he made $25.00 from each and every of them and I get next to nothing.
In other people words, most of this all nevertheless comes down to you just promoting a solution to each and every indivual for $25.00 and if they pay $25.00 the following month to have far more updated videos I would get a different $25.00 that month. To me it’s just a bonus if folks stay in for an additional month. I’m just  marketing a solution that I obtain a 100% profit from. How is this a scam when Infinity Downline is allowing me for getting a 100% profit from every promotion?
Get out in this online world and see where the real scam is going on at!!
The bottom line on what I beleive in and why I’m a network marketer is that I know for a fact that Individuals JOINING together can make a difference.
People can appear at charities and place in amount of cash they can afford that adds up with other people’s cash to accomplish fine things.
Search at our 9-5 jobs. They require individuals to run their bsuiness. If all the individuals got up and left what would happen?
Each company out there needs men and women. A network marketing business enterprise is giving us the opportunity to JOIN together to create an income.
One particular person can not make a big impact on a company. If I walk away from my 9-5 job that I hate, they would not care and just replace me in a heart beat. If we all walk out together, then they will probably be hurting.
So there we go I’ve offered you my opinion on Infinity Downline and I’m certain you are going to form your personal opinion and have your very own thoughts,but in the event you decide to join me at Infinity Downline I’m aspect with the Top team you will likely be granted No cost access to our comprehensive training package. So heres your following step.